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    Why choose BE : LIFtED?

B:L trainers take a personal approach to each client.  As a Registered Nurse, Alohi understands the importance of catering to her clients' needs in order to give them comfort, peace of mind, and overall satisfaction.  She has a passion for the services B:L provides to clients and takes pride in making sure all members are treated with the respect they deserve.   
Trained by celebrity makeup artist Sandra E and graduate of Volume 8 Makeup Academy, Alohi strives to uphold her Professional Makeup Artist title.  You can be assured that no matter what event you want to be glammed up for, Alohi will cater to your needs.  With a free assessment, let her give you a professional opinion or let her know exactly how you want your makeup done.  Cleanliness is always key so be at ease knowing that her work is done in a sterile manner.
Do you also need health and fitness coaching or management?  As Alohi is the managing personal trainer, see just how knowledgeable and passionate she is about helping B:L clients attain their physical goals.  Her over 20 years of being a nurse and having placed in multiple National Physique Competitions gives her a clear advantage in knowing what it takes to bring out the fitness potential of her clients.  Her husband and partner trainer, Darren, also runs a fun and high energy boot camp class on Saturday and Sunday mornings.  For maximum potential, inquire how Alohi can arrange your nutrition plan and help you determine which vitamins and supplements would best benefit you.
Interested in learning Polynesian dance or want a special Tahitian dance choreographed for a special event?  You guessed it, Alohi is also a Polynesian dance instructor.  Having been a dancer since a very young age, teaching at “halaus”, and performing in various competitions and luaus, Alohi also has a knack and passion for teaching Polynesian dance.  She is happy instructing a large class or conducting private one on one sessions.
Reach out to us to see how we can help you reach your makeup, health and fitness or dancing goals.  We have a sincere desire to help, and also make it enjoyable all along the way.    

"Be Inspired.  Be Changed. Be Lifted!" is not just our motto, it is our philosophy.

We are always happy to welcome trainers with a good attitude to B:L.

BE : LIFtED is a Proud Member of the Brea Chamber of Commerce

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